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Now we are going to discuss you about 4 digital products of Bank sathi.
Bank sathi helps in fulfilling 4 digital products to right customer.

1) Bank Account opening🏢.

for ex:-Saving Account.
Current Account.
You don’t need to do something other than sharing links to them which are needy. If some one go to the BankSathi page by clicking on the link & opens Account with BankSathi. You don’t need to do nothing now. Now, Your Account will be credited to Rs. 400 to Rs 500 by only share links to those who wants to open the account. This is so easy method BankSathi provides you to earn an extra income.

2.Demat Account opening🏛️.

For ex:-Ramu wants to open a Demat account but he don’t know where it is possible. It is exactly be possible in Bank sathi.
BankSathi also provides this great facility.
By this,
If you share your link on the mediums which I told above, if they click on the link which is sent by you. If he opens a Demat account by your link with Banksathi then your account will directly be credited toRs. 1350 per Demat Account.

If you share this 100 people, but only 50 of them click on your link and open a Demat account then your account will be credited to Rs. 67,500 rupees.

3) Loans 📊.

If someone wants to get loans.
Credit 💳.
Bajaj finance etc.
Clients will automatically go to the page and upload their all details & other process done by Banksathi.On every loans you will get a roughly commission’s as well.

4) ITR file🧾.

If someone wants to file an ITR then Banksathi have also this solution. On every clickings and ITR you will also get a percentage commission’s as well. Ok , 🙂
I hope this will be a very useful for our friends.
Thank you.